Monday, March 12, 2007

I Stole Ashton Kutcher's Hair! and other reasons I haven't posted in ages...

So, where have I been? Well, let's just say that my 4 month (!) absence more or less proves a contention of mine from an old post that blogging is one of the ways I sublimate my sexual energy. On a less gross note, I also have well-publicised issues (well-publicised in this blog, anyway) with procrastination. Basically, once I was on holiday from uni work I had to find something else to put off indefinitely. Between the both of these factors, Quasi Boho never stood a chance...
Then, the other day I took a good, hard look at myself and realised that my lack of blogging was having a physical effect on me. My eyes were dull and sunken, my coat no longer shiny, my lips had adopted a perma-sneer, and my once glowing skin had become oh-so pasty. Observe:
The author looking grouchy, confused and pallid; the terrible effects of spending her uni holidays away from blogging.
This revelation spurred me into action. The time had come to attempt to put fingers to keyboard, and start churning out more cyber-dross for the piggish and undiscerning masses! (Or, a couple of bored friends.)
Plus, y'know, uni has started again and I need something to do when I should be, like, learning or whatever. *Ahem*
But on to more important matters... Do you like my new haircut? Of course you do; it's terrific. The mere fact that it was not created by an Ugg-booted hairdressing student (unlike my recent tri-colour, Rogue-esque semi-disaster) was enough to leave me beaming with rapturous joy at my new 'do.
That was until I saw this picture:

'Twas then that I realised the horrible, horrible truth... I now look like Ashton Kutcher.

I guess there's a lesson in there for all of us. Namely, that one should not, for any reason, look at any part of ELLE Magazine. Yes, even if the cover boasts this article; "COCKTAIL-PARTY CHEAT SHEET: How to sound smart." (Sometimes my enjoyment of vacuity actually works against me. Who would have thought?!)
I'll leave you with the information that on the 28th of January, my li'l blog turned 2 years old! Awww, how sweet. Three cheers for Quasi Boho! Hip, hip...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Death of Jean Baudrillard Did Not Take Place

Today in my Museums, Objects and Spectacles class, the tutor informed us that Jean Baudrillard had died on Tuesday.

"But did he really die?" I quipped.

"I hope not!" she replied.

(... But I think she's the only one who feels that way.)

Jean Baudrillard: He may not be dead but he sure was annoying.