Monday, October 16, 2006

Kitten with a Whip

Meow! Here's another shameless attempt to keep people reading my blog; some photos of me dressed as Catwoman. (It's not as bad as it sounds, I was dressed as Catwoman for a reason. Well, if you can call the Melbourne Uni arts ball a reason.)

To reduce the tackiness of this post, I've thought up an angle. Here it is. During the night I forced every guy dressed as the Joker or the Riddler to have their photo taken with me. (Surprisingly, they were most obliging.) This post is thusly a photo-gallery featuring pictures of me with complete strangers in good costumes. Enjoy!

N.B. There weren't any other Catwomen there. Sure, there were a a couple of girls in lingerie and cat ears, but neither of them put in any effort.

Here's me and my first victim, Joker No. 1. Before you ask, no, his lipstick wasn't smeared because he'd been kissing me! We made out after the camera went away.

Joker No. 2 offered me some desserts he had poached from other people's tables while they were off dancing. He was really in character that evening!

I look very bad in this photo, but so does Joker No. 3, so we make a good team.

I appear a little pie-eyed in this picture with Riddler No. 1, but actually I only managed to drink one glass of sparkling wine during the whole evening. I was too busy chasing people dressed like Batman villains and making them pose for pictures to get any serious drinking done.

I'm oh-so smug in this picture with Riddler No. 2 because I had just finished collecting the whole set of Jokers and Riddlers at the ball. I was truly the cat who got the cream.

Here's me being a real smart arse on the dancefloor. You know how in Batman Returns (i.e. the greatest Batman film), Catwoman uses her whip as a skipping rope? Well, I used a skipping rope as a whip on the night, but here's me using my skipping-rope-as-whip as a whip-as-skipping-rope! Meanwhile, did you know that it is actually quite hard to skip in stiletto boots? I found this out very quickly.
Thanks to Lucy for the first photo!