Sunday, May 14, 2006

What a Churl Wants...

I normally frown upon that terrible practice of bloggers to create 'wishlists', in which they detail the commodities they’re hankering after. Sometimes (to extend the vulgarity) they even write down how much these things cost! *spits in distaste*

Like my resolve to never compare my mood to a song at the start of a post, I promised myself I would never succumb to this particular trashy cliché of bloggerdom.

So, let it be known that it pains me to do what I am about to do.

Yeah, I’m about to write a list of things I would like for my birthday. But, wait! There is a motivation behind it other than self-obsession, I swear. It's actually due to popular demand. (Can't argue with that!) Apparently I’m a difficult person to buy presents for and my friends keep asking for help on the matter. For some reason, I find it overwhelmingly embarrassing to talk about what I want (due, perhaps, to an overactive superego), so I thought I’d put it in here instead. Anyway, if you're one of the people who has been questioning me, I'd love to receive anything on this list. Be sure to leave a comment, so other people know that you're going to get it. I promise not to read the comments section!

So, here goes...

*Anything J-Pop related. This is going to be my new obsession if I can get it off the ground! Anything you can find related to cheesy Japanese pop would be much appreciated. I’m a bit in love with a band called SMAP, if that helps.

*Mid-90s’ Eurodance music. I really want Corona’s album ‘The Rhythm of The Night’, the Real McCoy’s album ‘Another Night’, and Technotronic’s Greatest Hits.

*I’d really like the ‘Aikea-Guinea’ EP by Cocteau Twins. (I don’t only listen to cheesy pop, you know!)

*The soundtrack to Terrence Malick’s film ‘Badlands’. I’ve been looking (though only in real shops, not online ones) for this CD on and off for 4 years. Man, it would be awesome to finally get it.

NB. If you want to give me burns or download CDs off the net, that’s totally fine; I won’t think you’re a cheapskate. It’s about the music, not the price-tag. Why go to J.B. and waste $30 on something you could get for free?!

*For some reason, I’d like a bust of a famous dead person. Authors or poets preferably, but whatever you can find I’m sure I’ll love! Shelley would be great (as in Percy Bysshe, not Mary), because I respect many things about him, including his work and his politics. (Plus, he was a vegetarian! ...OK, so his personal life was a fucking mess, but let’s put that aside, shall we?) Or maybe William Godwin or Lord Byron. Any literary figures who were also politically radical totally float my boat. However, Marx or Mozart would probably be easier to find.

*A poster of the Smiths.

*Madonna’s ‘Immaculate Collection’ DVD. I think it’s time to move on from my Ultimate Kylie DVD, don’t you?

*You can’t fail with any kind of paraphernalia to do with Sailor Moon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Wonder Woman or Cat Woman. (Yeah, I know I’m sad.)

*One of those light-up religious pictures (with coloured LEDs) you get at el-cheapo stores (there’s lots of them on Sydney Rd!). Preferably the Virgin Mary with a light-up sacred heart.

*A huge, black, man-size umbrella. One big enough to use as a walking stick, with a curved handle. (À la John Steed's umbrella in 'The Avengers.') ...Don't bother with any penis envy jokes, by the way.

Anyway, that'll do y'all. Amazingly, I still feel embarrassed even though I'm writing about it instead of saying it out loud.

In Eurodance news, Russ has put an MP3 of 'Another Night' up for everyone to enjoy! Go here to listen to it. I also discovered that the Real McCoy's MC (Olaf Jeglitza) has a blog! Go here to experience the life of a performer whose 15 minutes of fame have well and truly passed. Here's some choice quotes that appear in an entry from March 2006...
On his life: "Time goes by ... and nothing happens LOL!"
On his most recent show: "it´s been a long time since I did my last public performance … and this is obvious to see."
On his image: "I look kinda like a “child abuser” …"

Who would've thought the career of this man would have been so short-lived?
I mean, it's a classic look to adopt, not to mention a timeless style of music to produce. This kind of stuff just doesn't date.


Blogger Daniel said...

Damn you, Alex. I know of, ahem, *people*, who are already actively looking for at least two of those items, and now those, ahem, *people* might be scared to get them because now other people might get you the same thing.

You wouldn't want to get two of the same thing like Karina, would you? Although, two vibrators would be more useful than two of the same CDs.

Actually, forget I ever said that.

1:57 AM  
Blogger Erica said...

Ahhh, The Real McCoy. My sister had that CD, and we used to listen to it non stop and sing along. It had some classic 90s pop toons.

*Wallowing in the memories...*

10:44 PM  
Blogger ManicLovely said...

Daniel: tsk tsk, u dont pay much attention do you? You dont need to worry about people getting the same things on the list cos this comments bit is supposed to be like a forum where people let others know what they'll be buying.
Alex promised she would'nt read this comments page so you dont need to worry... so theres no point adressing her directly, she cant hear you! agaagahagah!

11:50 AM  
Blogger Adam 1.0 said...

What about Italo Disco? That's the genre of champions.

3:48 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Svet - your reading comprehension levels are evidently much higher than mine. Thank you for pointing out my idiocy, and for answering my question as to why I wasn't getting a timely and witty response from Alex.

11:55 PM  
Blogger ManicLovely said...

Why it was no problem at all Daniel! Also if youre looking for people to go in on a present with, I know Lucy was on the prowl for a pressie buddy.

9:52 PM  
Blogger divinetrash said...

I still haven't read any of the comments, but I should tell you all that I got an umbrella. Huzzah for staying dry and feeling like an Avenger at the same time!

11:07 PM  
Blogger Hanstar said...

Hello all, I got Madonna's dvd, if anyone else has got it (damn you) please let me know because i have plans b, c, x etc. Oh, and anyone who managed to get something by Corona is a genius...apparently any links to their albums have been deleted...were they that bad?

5:32 PM  

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