Friday, June 03, 2005

Kids say the darndest things...

In the name of filling up my blog a little quicker and writing regular entries, I've decided to note down things that people have said to me recently that I decided were so stupid/amusing/endearing/all of the above that they had to be recorded. So, instead of keeping the little bits of paper that I wrote them down on at the time they were said, I'll put them in here.

Chai is so passe. It's all about red chai, now.
Oh, Christina... The things you say. Meanwhile, I think working in a pretentious tea shop must just about be the perfect job for someone who says passe as often as she does.

Having sex with someone you don't like in front of someone you do like is a real turn on.
I think this comment says a lot about my one of my dear friends. Really gives you a look into her psyche. As does:
I have a bad feeling Karlo [the dude she is seeing] has something special planned. Oh no!

The aforementioned Karlo (a drug dealer she thought was this motorcycle-riding bad-boy who considered her just a meaningless fling) also made the mistake of sending her poetry. It really spelt his doom with her and was so bad that it had to be kept:
In my dreams I try to sleep,
I set my mind to counting sheep.
But then I see you standing there,
with your glowing smile and long blond hair.
In my sleep I toss and turn,
as it is for your company I do yern [sic]
and passion in my heart dose [sic] burn,
[sic] longing to hold you in turn.
Again I will not sleep tonight for it is you my love i wish to hold so tight.

I am fire twirl Saturday. And pissed now.
Pissed, Will? I never would have guessed! Also in that text message was the adverb innarsorsibuely. Still trying to work that one out.

We could be friends. Who occasionally sleep in the same bed... Without pants.
If that hadn't been exactly what I wanted from the young man who made that proposition, I probably would have been less than flattered!

Does everyone know what chess is?
My fab-u-lous cinema studies lecturer clearly doesn't realise that she's teaching tertiary students, as opposed to a kindergarten class. (Remember, Benji?)

Ah, now some of those babies were 24 karat comedy gold. If you remain unconvinced of this fact, dear reader, then I will have to rely on that old staple... YOU HAD TO BE THERE!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

could your friend have meant inexorably? It's the only word that appears similar to the jargon in the SMS!

12:44 AM  
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