Tuesday, March 29, 2005

My favourite ways of procrastinating...

I'm presently on my Easter break for uni, and I have my work cut out for me, lemme tell ya. I've got a couple of essays to write, books to finish, reading to catch up on, and movies to watch. But do you think I'm actually doing it? Hell no! That's not the way I work, unfortunately. What I do instead is put it off! It's a barrel of laughs, kid, believe you me. In fact, for you reading pleasure, here's a list of my favourite procrasti-rrific ways of wasting time:

Sleeping in: pretty self-explanatory. And so much fun.

Watching telemovies: they're so cheesy and Channel 7 has the absolute best (and by best I mean lamest) ones around. They usually give Jerry Springer a run for his money in terms of tackiness, and they always seem to be based on the most unlikely sounding "true stories". As for instance, today I watched one where an old man kidnapped his 15-year-old granddaughter's baby (who naturally had severe asthma) to protect it from the 30-something de facto of his own daughter who had raped and impregnated the girl and then claimed sole custody of the baby. Unfortunately I missed the ending so I'll never know if, using a ring of friendly truck drivers who took him and the kid around, he escaped from the cops and lived happily ever after! (Does your head in a bit, doesn't it?)

Calling people: when I start ringing people up I know I'm really desperate. That's because I actually really don't like talking on the phone. But it does waste time and on the plus side if talking to a friend who has a problem you can lie to yourself and say it's not your fault that you're wasting time. They need you!

Buying lunch from far away restaurants: it's great because you get to eat something delicious and it takes ages to actually get it and get home again. You win twice!

Writing in my blog: ... oh, dear. I'd better go. I just realised that I'm doing it again. But before I get started on work, I'd better just go down to Noodle Box and get lunch... (I wish that was a joke.)


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