Tuesday, February 22, 2005

'Candy corn is damn tasty', and other reasons I want to visit the US of A...

Yes, that's right, ladies and gentlemen; I want to go to the United States. "Why?", I hear you ask. Well, for some reason I am absolutely fascinated by their culture, (whether or not I enjoy watching it mutilate the Australian culture is another matter altogether, by the way). The people that live there have created a lot of art (music, cinema, literature, as well as visual arts) that I really enjoy. They also have some cities over there that I am DYING to visit (NYC, anyone?). And the natural beauty of some parts of the country also seems exciting and different to that I have experienced in my homeland and in my travels (Yellowstone, anyone?). Plus, apart from my actual interest in them, it can't be a bad thing to try to understand the way the world super power operates and perhaps even WHY it is the world super power.

Perhaps most importantly, though, I have developed an infatuation with the romance of the road and the freedom of the road. Yes, I have read Kerouac (what a shocker, eh?!) and this helped germinate a seed that had been planted by films and other media. I have this total boner for the idea of having my own car and just driving through all the states I want to see, staying in cheap motels, having bad coffee and slices of pie in diners, and working when I need the cash. OK, this might be completely unrealistic but I don't care! I'll have all these mix tapes that I'll play full blast, and drive on empty roads that stretch through desert, with the roof down (the car has to be a convertible... maybe a Mustang, or something!) and the wind in my hair.

The flaws of my plan:
-I don't even have a learner's permit, let alone an international driver's license.
-I'm in debt to the tune of 4 grand with my folks from my last holiday.
-I have no job.
-Getting a green card is almost impossible (the situation is aparently so dire that people will resort to marrying Andie McDowell to get one, if 90s' rom coms are to be believed).
-I am a total wimp and would die traveling on my own.

But it will be worth it when I get there. I mean, have you tried candy corn?


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