Friday, January 28, 2005

If I ever want Tori Amos on vinyl for my birthday you have my permission to kill me...

I'm afraid that I may have become a living stereotype. I mean, I'm about to begin my tertiary life at Melbourne University to study freakin' liberal arts, I wear a lot of second-hand clothes, I enjoy far too many things in an ironic sense, and now I am writing a blog. Someone pass me a noose so that I may end my life... Methinks I may have become a de Beauvoir toting, beret sporting, "self-involved, thrift store mannequin"*.

To be fair, though, there is evidence to support the converse viewpoint, too. As for instance:
-I don't use the word "dystopian".
-I got bored when I watched 'Betty Blue' AND 'Dead Man'.
-I like Prince. And I even enjoy the song 'Head'.
-I am totally inept at styling my hair with wax.
-I don't hate the US.
-I don't love the UN.
-If I ever become a film director I think it'd be uber-cool to make a zombie movie.
-I shop at 'Miss Shop' at Myer. Yes, really.
-I own a lot of cosmetics and I ain't about to apologise for it.
-I drink gin & tonics without talking about the colonial symbolism they evoke.
-It's Friday night and I'm not on the door for the latest indie wank brigade to play at Ding Dong. Rather, I am at home watching grisly crime drama with my mother, saying things like "Oh, that guy is good for that triple murder. He's going down for sure!"

So maybe there's still hope for me, yet. My defences may not have crumbled and given way to the image obsessed, pretentious, vain and annoying subculture that seems to be thriving presently among people of my age group (not to mention socio-economic background!). Maybe when I start buying Andy Warhol prints, using raffia bows on presents and spouting the term "post-post modernism" without the corners of my mouth at least twitching I'll start worrying again.

Love to anyone reading this,
Alex, aka; divinetrash

PS. In other news five people DON'T agree that my hair cut resembles that of Iggy Pop circa 1977. I am still yet to be convinced. Maybe it's more of a Lou Reed 'do...

* - von Holten, Tim; "Odd job: Boys & Girls Club volunteer, Mister Adam", 2004


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